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classic disney icons

classic disney icons @ the poison apple
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this is a place for iconmakers to post their classic disney icons.

oo1. you have to join to post.
oo2. please only post icons if you are the maker.
oo3. post icons depicting classic disney movies only; by this I mean the classic animations circa 1937-2000 or so.
(no disney/pixar; high school musical, etc. for reference, look at the interests).
oo4. comment, to let the maker know you are using and appreciate their hard work.
oo5. credit the maker. if unsure how, click here.
oo6. when using an icon, do not hot link from the maker's source as it eats up their bandwidth.
oo7. please post icons 99% of the time, but I will allow friends only banners or colourbars occasionally.
oo8. when you post, you may link back to your icon journal :]] you may also promote your community here if it is disney themed.
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